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Diving with dolphins  
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Divings in dolphinarium are held only from October untill May!

Pool capacity - 1800 m³.

Pool depth – 5,5 m. and 4 m.

Water temperature - 18-20 degrees C.

Spectators places in the hall – 1000.

In the pools live Black sea’s afolines and California’s Sea lions

1987 a dolphinarium project was prepared. Building took several years but 1993 the pool was well-stocked and the first dolphins were delivered from Sevastopolio. The first dolphins’ performance took place after several months. The real opening celebration was 1994 April 30. Dolphinarium together with Sea museum and aquarium structures unique underwater world complex.

Dolphinarium could not exist without elaborate technical equipment. Modern water preparing, filtration and regeneration technologies helps to keep proper conditions for animals in 3 pools. The biggest pool is in spectators’ hall. (1300 m³ and 5.5 meters depth). Where the performance take place. Dolphins rest in 340 m³ and 4meters depth pool. For dolphins that are ill or on bread occasion is a quarantine pool. The water to dolphinarium is produced from Baltic Sea. Before it gets to pools it is cleaned with mechanical filters, sterilized by UV rays and chlorine compounds. The water must be salt down till 1.8% Water temperature is 18-20 degrees by Celsius. And pool water can be changed in 5 hours.

In Lithuanian sea museum live 8 Black sea afolins. Every day dolphin eats about 10kg of fish. Ration is very wide. Since 1998 dolphins’ females breads successfully.



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