Google Play, iTunes & Amazon stores

Google Play store is the biggest online app store for Android users. It is an official store of Google and you can find there everything you need: from free and paid apps to movies, and ebooks to download. All applications are verified and safe to use, because every app is tested by Google team, so no worries to get viruses or malware. We do not recommend to download any apps from third party websites because it is not safe and may cause problems for your smartphones. Google play – is the only place where you can get apps without any additional problems. To make getting apps from G Play store easier, you should download official Google Play app for your smartphone.

amazon-itunes-google-play-stores-onlineiTunes is another great platform for Apple iOS users. There are many applications that are also secure and reliable to use on your iPhone, Mac or iPad. Thousands of apps, movies, songs are ready to be downloaded. If you are an Apple user, you should already know how easy is to use iTunes platform. If you never tried iTunes store – you should do it immediately. You just need to register here – – and then just browse the categories and found the apps you are interested in. Some apps are paid, but most of them are free. I really like the idea, that you choose the applications you like and try them  without paying. Also, there are many free apps lite version, that you can try before buying premium versions.

Another cool store online – Amazon, that is the largest bookstore online. But it sells not only the books, you can find electronics, automotive parts, toys, TVs, ebooks, DVDs, cosmetics, computers, clothing, shoes. Amazon is a great place for finding a perfect gift for your family member of loved one. The variety of things you can buy is extremely wide. By the way, Amazon has one of the fastest shipping terms, so no matter where do you live, you will get the products very fast.

These three stores have their own gift card systems, which are very great. If you don’t know what to buy for your friend as a gift, think about buying a gift card from these stores. Every time I have to think what should I buy for my friends as a gift on their birthday, I choose on of these shops – Amazon, Google Play or Itunes stores – to buy a gift card code.